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Foundation Information

Rose Land Child and Family Development organization was established officially in Ethiopia in the year 2010, and registered according to the Ethiopian CSO law in 2011, bearing a registration number 2384. Executive Director of the Ethiopian part of the Roseland Foundation is Mrs. Tirsit Mulugeta Wako (Addis Ababa - Ethiopia). She is supported by several voluntary board members all with experience in the non-profit sector. 

In addition the Dutch part of the organization was established in June 2012 called Stichting Roseland, bearing a KvK number 55221599, fiscal/tax number 851613780 and with ANBI status of the Dutch Tax Office. The Chairman of the Dutch part of the Roseland Foundation is Mrs. Danielle Overbeek Kramer (Heemstede - The Netherlands), the Secretary is Mrs. Monique van Niel (Lisserbroek - The Netherlands) and the Treasurer is Mrs. Mojdeh Yousefi (Amsterdam - The Netherlands). 

Stichting Informatie

Rose Land Kind en Gezin Development organisatie werd officieel opgericht in Ethiopië in het jaar 2010, en geregistreerd volgens de Ethiopische CSO wet in 2011, voorzien van een kenteken 2384. Tirsit Mulugeta Wako geeft leiding aan het Ethiopische deel van de Roseland Foundation Abeba - Ethiopië. Ze wordt ondersteund door een aantal vrijwillige bestuursleden allemaal met ervaring in de non-profit sector.