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Welcome at Roseland

Thank you for visiting our site and for your interest in Roseland!

Several years ago (in 2010) two ladies, two friends, an Ethiopian (Tirsit Mulugeta Wako) and a Dutch (Danielle Overbeek Kramer), conceived the idea of working totally non-profit for the betterment of life of the most vulnerable children and their families in Ethiopia. So they started the Rose Land Child and Family Development organization in Ethiopia and Stichting Roseland in the Netherlands with both the same mission and vision working fully together for the same purpose. 


The focus of the organization is to rescue children and their families from extreme poverty and to make the poorest of the poor children and their families smile again. The organization runs a school in Holeta town (a village 40 km west of the capital Addis Ababa) for children of age 2 till 7. At the moment over 50 children are supported by Dutch and Ethiopian sponsors. The support includes provision of educational materials, one meal per day, clothing, medical care, as well as counseling services for the parents/guardians of the children (e.g. birth control, pedagogical skills, hygienic support, income generating projects). To reach independence and improvement of the situation of the children and families not only the children but the whole family and especially the mothers are educated and stimulated to improve their conditions. 


Dank u voor uw bezoek aan onze website en voor uw interesse in Roseland!

In 2010 zijn twee vriendinnen, de Ethiopische Tirsit Mulugeta Wako en de Nederlandse Danielle Overbeek Kramer, begonnen met een stichting. Zij wilden, volledig op non-profit basis, het leven van de meest kwetsbare kinderen en hun families in Ethiopië  verbeteren.                 

Zo startten ze de Rose Land Kind en Gezin Development organisatie in Ethiopië en Stichting Roseland in Nederland. Beiden werken volledig samen met dezelfde missie en visievoor hetzelfde doel.