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We create education opportunity for needy children in Holeta town. Most families cannot afford school materials and basic needs, because of this a lot of children spend their time in the village without education and in unsafe conditions.

We give the children education in a safe environment and work with a community based child support program.The direct benefit is for the children, but the second benefit is for their families. Especially by giving attention to the mothers of the children by creating income generating activities and by providing different training to involve small skills and business like agriculture and handycraft skills. 



Wij bieden onderwijs aan behoeftige kinderen in Holeta stad. De meeste gezinnen kunnen het zich niet veroorloven om schoolmaterialen en basisbehoeften als kleding en voeding te betalen.  Daardoor brengen veel kinderen hun tijd door in het dorp zonder onderwijs en in onveilige omstandigheden.